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Rear Steering Modes

Upgrade Parts

Part Number Description
AXI302006 Br. Rr. Upper Link Mount (SCX24)
AXI301001 Chassis Side Plates, Carbon Fiber (2): AX24
AXI301002 Chassis Skid Plate, Brass: AX24
AXI302002 Hex Hub, Brass (2): SCX24, AX24
AXI302004 Knuckle Weights, Brass (4): SCX24, AX24
AXI302003 Knuckles, Brass (L/R): SCX24, AX24
AXI302005 Servo Mount, Brass: SCX24, AX24
AXI302001 Differential Cover, Brass: SCX24, AX24


Exploded Views


AXI31608 - Transmission View



AXI31609 - Front Axle


AXI204004 Link Set AX24


AXI201004 Chassis Set AX24


 AXI202001 Driveshaft Set


 AXI200012 AXI40007 AXI40002

AXI200012   AXI40007   AXI40002