STORE PICKUP ONLY 1970 Chevelle 2WD Mini No Prep Drag Car

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Color: Blue
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Drag racing is one of the purest forms of competition. It seems simple, trying to outrun your opponent over a relatively short distance in a straight line. But the simpler the race, the more evenly matched any two competitors will be. That's what makes the ready-to-run Losi® 1970 Chevelle 2WD Mini No Prep Drag Car so much fun for new RC hobbyists and experienced competitors alike. It's an easy, inexpensive way to experience drag racing thrills while enjoying the scale looks of an iconic American muscle car.

Of course, it's natural to think that larger is better, faster is more fun, and a course with higher jumps and more turns is the ultimate place to race. The truth? Driving a somewhat slower vehicle over fewer obstacles means there's less to go wrong and put an end to the action. You'll spend more time competing and having uninterrupted fun with the Losi® 1970 Chevelle 2WD Mini No Prep Drag Car.

It will be a bigger blast than you can imagine. The 1970 Chevelle 2WD Mini No Prep Drag Car isn't just for modelers who already know and love the Losi Mini 22 platform, or for racers who want a mini version of their high-end 1/10 scale drag car. It's for everyone who enjoys the fun of competing — with special appeal to fans of the Chevy Chevelle, drag racing, or mini RC vehicles.

The Losi 1970 Chevelle 2WD Mini No Prep Drag Car offers new and younger racers a great way to get started in the hobby. For serious RC drag racers it's an alternative to the stresses of high stakes competition, a convenient way to just have some high-performance fun. You'll feel free to run it anytime you like, without adding wear and tear to your larger, more expensive 1/10 scale drag car.

There's no other RC car like the Losi 1970 Chevelle 2WD Mini No Prep Drag Car. It's ready to run, brushless powered, built on the proven Losi Mini 22 platform, with an officially licensed 1970 Chevy Chevelle muscle car body and a chassis whose wheelbase adjusts to accommodate other mini body styles you might prefer.

Get together with a friend. Take your Losi 1970 Chevelle 2WD Mini No Prep Drag Cars to the local park, an empty parking lot, wherever there's a relatively smooth concrete, black top, or cement surface. Picture a flag going down or a light turning green — and punch the throttle.

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